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6 Free High Resolution Texture Pack : Roller on Grained Canvas

6 Free High Resolution Texture Pack : Roller on Grained Canvas

These days i am working towards more textured pieces. The more i try to pull myself away from grungy effects the more i fall in love with thick paints , spray splatters , torn papers , torn edges and dripping paint effects .

Since i wanted more of these what i call “Yum Effects” , i set myself up for creating a few base textures upon which an item can be built.

I present to you my next Yum Effect , High Resolution Texture pack of Dry Roller on Grained texture!


here is a closeup of how grainy it is


Isn’t it Yum! , and i really look forward to creating and seeing some of yours and mine creatives done using it! here are some more previews from the set




Simply drag the image over your artwork , set the Layer Blending mode to multiply or your desired effect and change Hue or Saturation set opacity and get a very artsy , canvas effect . See below example illustration that i did using this texture of Grainy Canvas.


I have taken some time out to compile them for you to use in your projects , I would love it if you can just click and share this freebie with your friends , like and share , tweet or plus . Keeps me fired up to work on something new for your!

Free for Personal and commercial use , just like , comment and share if you use :)


Author:Asmaa’ Murad

Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category: PatternsTextures 
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: JPGs  2400 px
Description:Canvas Roller Texture

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